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Roberto Pulido, Cuba

lead vocals / cantante

After diploma in 1985 at  the Swiss Jazz School in Bern  he played with lots of the most famous Swiss Jazzmusicians (Dave Doran, Harald Haerter, JoJo Meyer, Vince Benedetti, Herbie Kopf, Stephan Rigert, Don Li  etc.) 1988 he played with musicians from the  DDR "Akustic Art Trio"  and  a lot of Funk and Soul Bands through the  90ies Bands like  "Head To Toe", "The Insects". late 90ies  with DJs "Lost & Found" and "Minus 8". 2002  "Ph.Mall 4tet" (Jazz) CD Nature Boy . 2003/4 "the Paradigma Orchestra" with 13 musicians (minimal music). 2009 "Ph.Mall plays Satie". all available on I Tunes .current bands  : "Ph.Mall Quartet Hydra"  and  "The Journeys" (Fusion) www.journeys.ch/

Educated as a professional musician with the "Hochschule fur Musik undo Theater", Zürich.  He is a versatile pianist, keyboarder and organist. He is playing a variety of bands and projects, jazz, modern jazz/funk, worldmusic, improtheater, top40 bands. Currently on the road as a pianist with "Lunardi/Thomi", "Convergencia",  "Pius Baschnagel's Latin World" and with his projects as a organist "LSD-3" and "Organ-X".

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Fernanda, daughter Uruguayan parents was born in Zurich. Currently she is studying jazz vocals at the ZHdK. She has been working as a singer and songwriter in different projects. As a backing singer, she sang at the energy fashion show with Anna Rossinelli. As a studio musician Fernanda has worked for Tanja La Croix and Mercedes Benz.


Sara has worked in the entertainment industry as a musical performer, dancer, singer and choreographer. She played leading roles in musicals as "Little Shop of Horrors", "Linie 1", "Blood Brothers" or "Cabaret". Her training includes earning a Master of Arts in Dance Pedagogy at "Zürcher Hochschule der Künste" (ZhdK). Sara teaches today contemporary dance and jazz dance. As a lead singer she performs with the bands "Honeypie" and "Salsardiente".

Graduation for drums an percussion at the Conservatorio Amadeo Roldan, Havana in Cuba. 2 years studies in composing at the Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana in Cuba. From 1992 - 1999 lived in Chile as a band leader, composer, arranger and pianist from the band Varadero. 2000 moved to Miami (USA) to become a member in the band from Willy Chirino.

Since 2006 he is living in Switzerland, and is working with different bands.

Roberto was born in Havana, Cuba. As a professional singer he played with cuban bands, like "Colé Colé", "Son Candela" and "La Charanga Forever". International tours around the world with  "La Charanga Forever".

2005 he moved to Zurich, Switzerland. Highly appreciated vocalist live and studio with a variety of bands and recordings "Batambo", "Picasón", "El Zorro", "Orquesta Tentación", "Mi Tumbao", "Las siete potencies" and "Libre".

Sara Hidalgo, Spain / España

backing vocals / coro

Fernada Ramos /Uruguay

backing vocals / coro

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Martin Richard "El Zorro" Lehner, Switzerland / Suiza

leader and trombone / lider y trombon

Philipp Mall, Switzerland / Suiza

saxophone / saxofon

Educated as a professional musician with the Swiss Jazz School of Bern. Apart from his freelance activity as a trombonist, composer, arranger, he heads the jazz department of "Zurich Konservatorium Klassik und Jazz". His working also as a multi media artist (video clips, animation movies and graphical artwork) with is own company "Creative Music Enterprises" www.cme-music.com.

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Uli was educated as a professional musician at the New School of New York City. He is professor of electric bass at the Music University Zurich (ZHdK) and "Zurich Konservatorium Klassik und Jazz".

He runs a recording studio and produces house music for his own label Converge www.converge.de.

Uli is a highly appreciated live and studio bass player with Eve Gallagher, New Evidence, Marco Mano, Natacha and many more.

For more info www.uliheinzler.com

Uli Heinzler, Germany / Alemania

bass / bajo

Raylor Oliva, Cuba

drums / bateria

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Born in Hoguin, Cuba qualified musician (percussionist) at Escuela Vocacional De Artes. Played with different bands in Cuba, like "Nueva Ola", "Hermanos Aviles", "Arara" etc. 2002 moved to Switzerland, and played with others orchestras, like "Tony Martinez and the cuban power", "Roberto Marcano y su orquesta", "Rodri-Go y su banda", "Roberto Pulido y su Mecanica", "Corazon Lantino" and more....

Educated as a professional musician with the Swiss Jazz School of Bern.  

Guitarist with Udo Jürgens and Pepe Lienhard for many years. International tours around the world. As a sideman he played with many national and international stars, like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis jr, Paul Anka, Ute Lemper, Shirley Bassey, Julia Migenes.

Highly appreciated live and studio musician with a variety of bands and projects. Currently on the road with "Soulmessage".

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Jorge Enrique Rodriguez, Cuba

percussion / percusion

Carlo Filaferro, Italy/ Italia

guitar / gitarra

Marcel Thomi, Switzerland / Suiza

piano and keyboards

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