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Playing outside the box

.....El Zorro must be the most prolific European timbero, although he might prefer to classify himself as simply "contemporary latin". In any case, I have finally had time to sit down and listen to the CD without distractions and am happy to tell you all that El Zorro continues to push the boundries. His arrangements venture outside the box with exciting fusions.

The album begins with a "guaguancó-funk" and songs range from ballads, to reggae, to mambo, to timbaton and timba-funk.

..... El Zorro's musical fusions are really powerful. For example the title track is listed as timba-funk and it is heavily funky. A very dancable tune, it even has a "Guitar Hero" moment. I expect that this album easily crosses over in clubs that play Latin as well as other genres. It has something for everyone. El Zorro continues his collaboration with excellent musicians. In addition to Roberto, lead vocalists are El Zorro, Ángel Bonne, Luis Fernando Borjas and Leonardo Columbie. The female coristas Yudelkis Lafuente Acea, Arlety Valdés Cana and Sarah “La Pescadora” Fischer give the CD a unique sound in this male-dominated genre. El Zorro himself plays trombone, sings coro and plays piano and keyboard on all but three of the songs. He is truly a complete musician.....

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